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Vaniyar Dam

Vaniyar Dam – Dharmapuri:

Vaniyar Dam is located at 5 km from Pappireddipatti, Dharmapuri Tamilnadu. The vaniyar dam built in the foothills of Shevaroy Hills across the Vaniyar River, which is a major tributary of Ponnaiyar River. A small park located near the dam. You can also see fishing and buy fish from one end of the dam. Its one of  peaceful place in dharmapuri surrounding  with green lush.

About Vaniyar Dam:

Vaniyar DamVaniyar Dam completed in the year 1985. It’s East flowing river, length – 1136m and Maximum Height above Foundation – 31m. The Dam has a capacity to hold 418 mcft water & up to the depth of 65 ft. It connected to the lakes of Venkatasamuthram, Aalapuram, Onthiampatti, Thenkaraikottai and Parayapatti via channels. There are a small park and officer’s quarters available near the dam. The dam is scenic and people can reach Yercaud by a long walk through the Shervarayan forest.

The dam receives the water during the monsoon season and reaches the maximum level during Oct – Dec. Nearly  10,000 of acres of cultivated land are irrigated through the water supplied from canals.

Best Time to visit:

The best time to visit is between Oct to Jan as the dam will be up to its full level. You can see the water level well after the monsoon.

Transport Mode to Vaniyar Dam:

Connectivity Pappireddipatti is well connected by roads to the nearby city Salem and district headquarters Dharmapuri. The nearest railway station is at Bommidi, 15 km from Pappireddipatti.

From Salem: Total distance from Salem will be around 45kms.

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