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The Scotland of India, Coorg aka Kodagu in Karnataka is the perfect place to visit for family, couples and anyone who loves adventures. I had an unplanned visit to Coorg for a weekend with my friend.We started early in the morning around 6AM by bike as Coorg is 200kms from Mysore. As our trip was spontaneous and short, we drafted an itinerary that comprised only the must-visit places.


We started from Mysore and reached coorg around 11 AM and a whole day was spent travelling to irrupu falls .


Iruppu Falls in Coorg is a gorgeous waterfall which is gushing from Brahmagiri Mountain Range. These falls are also famous as Lakshmana Tirtha Falls.Located in the Brahmagiri Mountain Range of Western Ghats, Iruppu Falls originates from a height of around 170ft. Amidst the lush green forests stands this picturesque cascade of Iruppu Falls in Coorg. Gushing water, paddy fields, magnificent mountains and a serene atmosphere is what makes Iruppu Falls, Madikeri a famous tourist attraction. And we are allowed to go get drenched. So as a whole you can have a bath , nap and have fun with your friends a whole day enjoying the beauty nature holds.



We started the next morning by moving to Dubare elephant camp.The Elephant Camp is a training center for elephants. Elephants trained here are taken for Mysore Dussehra celebrations. We also got the chance to feed the elephants with bananas, sugarcane and coconuts. Plus, the Dubare Elephant Camp also hosts various activities like elephant riding, river rafting, trekking and coracle ride. And we also get fresh homemade wine in every shops near the elephant camp. The place is a little over crowded but worth waiting for.



Around 20 kms there is a hilly area popular as shooting point named Mandalpatti. You reach to the location through small villages, muddy roads and mesmerising scenery (yes…you have to book a Jeep ride to reach the place).
At Mandalpatti, one can see lush green coffee plantation all around, covering the hills, though you can see only a few meters as mist cover up the area badly.
The temperature at this place is less than normal and one can feel cold here. So do carry jackets and caps.The mist makes you drench and extra clothings is a must to carry. A 2 hrs journey back from this place made our trip worth it .



We visited Talakaveri the next day which is the place where the river Kaveri originates. A temple is situated here and because of the extreme height at which it is located you will be greeted by clouds which will be floating away in front of your eyes. Now if that doesn’t leave you flabbergasted, what will!
It is advisable to wear knee length or longer clothes to this place as you will not allowed to enter the temple. Additionally, they will rent out the traditional “lungi” or the wrap around garment at a meagre price of 10 bucks.
There are about hundreds of steps located near the temple and after climbing them, you can witness the whole picturesque and vividly green valley from the top. Though it would have been better if the temple authorities allow the tourists to wear footwear while climbing the stone steps, especially when the ground on the top is not levelled properly and has huge stones and boulders lying carelessly.



We then moved to the Golden Temple Namdroling Monastery, the second largest Tibetan colony settlement outside Tibet. Established at 1972, this Buddhist Monastery is now home to 5000 monks and nuns. The monastery is a large, majestic and beautiful piece of architecture with big Buddha statues inside.The temple tower, the walls and the gateway are adorned with colorful murals and stones. This place, surrounded by lush green landscape, offers a peaceful environment that calms the stressed minds.


Next we headed towards the famous Abbey Falls. Around 7 kms of journey through beautiful landscapes make you reach to this tourist spot. As already said, tourists in large numbers were present there already. (I wanted to ignore as much as I can and the magnificence and grandeur of the waterfall helped me out). Heavy rainfalls this season made it to glow in its greatness. Due to this, people were restricted only to the bridge entry and were not allowed to the interior of the forest.

Finally three days seemed less for a place carrying the essence of nature at its best . So I would advise anyone planning a trip to coorg to spend atleast 4 to 5 days . Trust me it’s worth it .

Author : Arthi Baskar

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