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Historical Event(June 30)

Historical Event(June 30) 30 Jun 1799 Once again declared as The King Of Mysore is Krishnaraj Bodiyar. 30 Jun 1857 Battle of Chinhat was fought on the morning  Location:Ismailganj, Near Lucknow. Source: Wikipedia. 30 Jun 1834 Indian Intercourse Act (also known as Nonintercourse Act)passed by Congress to set Amerindian boundaries of reservations. 30 Jun 1917 Dr. Dadabhai […] Read More

Historical Events(June 29)

Historical Events(June 29) Every year of June 29 is National Statistics Day Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis is Born on 29 Jun 1893 in Kolkata. The first Indian statistician to receive world recognition. He Founded first Indian statistical journal Sankhya.  Ashutosh Mukherjee ( educator, barrister, and mathematician)( Judge of the Calcutta High Court (1903- 1924)) Born on 29 Jun […] Read More

Historical Events(June 28)

Historical Events(June 28) 28 June 1926 Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler and Karl Friedrich Michael Vaillant ( Karl Benz ) merging their two companies and formed Mercedes Benz. 28 June 1974, the agreement signed between Sirimavo Bandaranaike( Prime Minister of Sri Lanka) and Indira Gandhi (Prime Minister of India ) Boundry in Historic Waters. 28 June 2019 […] Read More

June 27 Historical Events

Historical Events for June 27: Important historical events on June 27th. Important births, deaths and events of the (June 27)day given below. Check the June 27 Historical Events: International Sunglasses Day 2019: The event takes place on June 27th and a number of events are organised by the Vision council to help promote the importance […] Read More

Historical Events(June 27)

Historical Events(June 27) 27 Jun 1964 Teen Murti Bhavan is the former residence of first Prime Minister of India, was Converted into Nehru Memorial Museum. Bankimchandra Chatterjee or Bankimchandra Chatjee was born on 26 Jun 1838. He is writer, poet, journalist, and also the composer of Vande Mataram originally in Sanskrit stotra personifying. 27 June 1979: Central […] Read More