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Historical Event(August 21)

Historical Event(August 21) 21 August 1972 Wildlife Protection Act was passed 21 August National Senior Citizens Day 21 August 1897 Olds Motor Vehicle Company founded About Dharmapuri Read More

Historical Event(August 20)

Historical Event(August 20) 20 August Sadbhavna Diwas 20 August Indian Akshay Urja Day Read More

Historical Event(August 19)

Historical Event(August 19) 19 August International Homeless Animals Day 19 August National Aviation Day 19 August World Humanitarian Day 19 August 1957 the first rupee coin of the East India Company was minted in Calcutta Read More

Historical Events(Aug-18)

Historical Events(Aug-18) 18 August 1945 Subhas Chandra Bose, Indian Freedom Fighter assume dead in a plane crash in Taiwan Read More

Historical Event(August 16)

Historical Event(August 16) 16 August National Roller Coaster Day 16 August National Rum Day 16 August 1886 Ramakrishna Paramahansa Dev passed away. 16 August 1984 John DeLorean cleared of Drug Charges Shopping Read More

Historical Event(August 13)

Historical Event(August 13) 13 August International Lefthanders Day 13 August 1902 Felix Wankel is born in Germany.  ( invented the rotary engine. 20th-century engineer. 13 August 1947 Tripura’s queen, Maharani Kanchanprava Devi  Signed Agreement to join the Indian Union 13 August 1947 Sir Harilal Jekisundas Kania was made India’s first Chief Justice on this day 13 […] Read More

Historical Event(August 12)

Historical Event(August 12) 12 August 1908 The now-legendary Model T was first manufactured 12 August International Youth Day 12 August 1919 Vikram Sarabhai was born Kalabairavar Temple – Dharmapuri Read More

Historical Event(August 11)

Historical Event(August 11) 11 August National Son’s and Daughter’s Day 11 August National Presidential Joke Day 11 August 1966 Chevrolet manufactures the very first Camaro in Ohio Plant 11 August 1960 Chad declares independence. Read More

Historical Event(August 10)

Historical Event(August 10) 10 August 1963 Phoolan Devi is Born 10 August National Bowling day 10 August National Lazy Day 10 August 1979 Satellite Launch Vehicle, SLV-3 was launched and first First flight started for SLV-3 10 August 1897 Oldest Auto Club Formed Shopping Read More

Historical Event(August 9)

Historical Event(August 9 ) 9 August National Veep Day 9 August National Book Lovers day Shopping Read More